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Current assignment

Download the file entitled "2016xxxx_Current_Assignment" where "xxxx" will show the month and day the assignment is due, e.g. "20161107_Current_Assignment". Any other files you need to download will be listed inside.

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Semester-end Exam: What book and where from?

For the oral part of your semester-end exam, you will need to prepare a 50-page excerpt from a non-fiction book.

You will be asked to read some of it, to demonstrate reading and pronunciation skills, translate some it into Bulgarian, and also identify grammatical and lexical structures in it, e.g. tenses, phrasal verbs, idioms, word order types, etc.

We prefer that you choose a printed book. There are a number of ways to get one:

Electronic format books are also acceptable as long as you bring a device that has a large enough display.

Queen Victoria

Online dictionaries: